A New Day With No Mistakes In It


Naps, naps, naps and more naps.

It is really hard to be somewhere at 8 AM everyday. I am going to have to modify my life!

My first week of Case was an orientation. You know how they are—-lots of information you won’t really remember completely. New names, new faces and the awkwardness when you fail to remember someone’s name or the small talk that ensues when you just don’t know someone. It is strange to start over again with people my age and even much older, but at the same time, it is very exciting. This is a new chapter of my life and it feels fresh.

There is a quote in Anne of Green Gables, “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it?”

Yes, it is quite nice to think that tomorrow is new and fresh, and that is how my life feels right now. I can start anew and hopefully make less of the mistakes I made in college.

Cleveland public transportation is interesting…it exists but it isn’t the most practical. Buses don’t run exactly on time like, and unlike Chicago they run much less often. I have a car here, but parking is also really expensive. I am definitely trying to be mindful of how much money I spend while in med school. Loans and debt are  very real things. I  am still figuring a lot of things out in that regard. But let’s not talk about money! Weekly highlights:

The most exciting parts of my week?

 The keynote speaker during our first day of classes.

The speaker was a reputable cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic and spoke on how to essentially have a balanced life in med school and also about the pains of making mistakes, perfectionism, and family balance. These are all foreseeable challenges for many people—especially doctors. He once made a mistake that jeopardized the life of the patient and told us that it took years for him to forgive himself. He also asked God for forgiveness. He was a Christian. What he said really resonated with me.

Tomorrow may be new with no mistakes in it, but once we make those mistakes we must find away to move forward with solemnity, wisdom and hope.

Apparently people at Case marry each other.

One of the society deans said to us, “Look to your right. Look to your left. In 4 years, 20% of you will be married to each other.” May this be my portion. Amen.


I had a really amazing Zumba instructor back in Chicago, so I was a little apprehensive about how I’d work out with a new instructor. Although, I will have to adjust, I had a wonderful time! I will keep on coming back. Apparently, there are multiple Zumba instructors here and I look forward to seeing all of their various styles of teaching. It was also a great way to meet other Med Students! I am working on starting a Zumba med school group. I’ve been to Zumba three times so far, and each day there are more people! This is definitely a thing.

 The White Coat Ceremony.

Surreal if anything. I have been given this symbol of medical professionalism, but kind of do not think I deserve it yet. Inside, I feel unchanged but really everything is changing. The world will see me a bit differently now as I am officially a medical student, and I now have this crazy responsibility to learn. One of the speakers said that now we do not learn only for ourselves but for everyone—our future patients especially and that’s just crazy to conceive of at this point. How much studying is enough? This isn’t just for a test but for something bigger and that’s very overwhelming.

It was really nice to see my family once again after a few days. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings shortly after the ceremony to watch the FIFA final, and that was a fabulous idea despite the tragic result. Family is so important, and boy, do I take it for granted.

I really hope that I can forge new ones in the good old city of Cleveland.

Severance Hall for the White Coat Ceremony
Severance Hall for the White Coat Ceremony

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