Finding a Foundation

Week 2

“This isn’t a summer internship.”

The same thought comes into my mind daily. I graduated from college 5 weeks ago and now I am in medical school. The turn over has been fast, and it is requiring a lot of adjustment. I don’t get too much sleep every night and need to start eating breakfast. I am exercising which is good, finished a WOEFUL book, and so much happened this week that I haven’t even had enough time to just think. This is what this here blog is for, I suppose.

Weekly highlights!!!

MONDAY: The Cleveland Botanical Gardens.


The university circle area is BEAUTIFUL. I never went to the Chicago Botanical Gardens so I don’t have much to compare the Cleveland version to, but I was it was such a pleasant place with lots of flowers, butterflies and MOSQUITOS. I was there because the deans of the different CWRU societies were having a “mixer” with pretty good food and drinks. It involved a little schmoozing which is like “meh” but also I got to meet a few more med students (yay!), take silly photos around the garden (yay!) and then came to this starting realization:

“OMG there are cliques!!!!!!”

Yes, already, and it is utter foolishness. People have begun breaking up into their own groups (based on who knows since no one really knows each other). Introductions now are  politely distant it seems, and I notice that the twinkle-in-the-eye-of-hopeful-expectation-that-that-person-will-be-a-new-friend has begun to vanish. This certainly isn’t on all fronts, and this isn’t a Mean Girls situation at all, but definitely of note. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. We are in a new environment and are grasping around for a firm foundation—a network of friends so that even in all this uncertainty we can cling on to something. I’ll come back to foundations later.

First Assignments.

Things are really picking up!! I am feeling a bit more like a medical student. I voyaged to the undergraduate library, and it was actually very nice! Looks more pleasant than the Regenstein Library, but the Reg will always have a special place in my heart.

Last week we focused on a little bit of histopathology of different tissue types and what to find in a blood smear, the anatomy of different vertebral bones and pelvis, as well as the big question, “What is population health?” I kind of thought population health was the same thing as “public health.” Not really sure anymore. Textbook answer: “it is the intersection of public health and medicine.” Is that a helpful answer? Kind of…and some articles wonder if the term “population health” is helpful anyway…This is all important to study. Even though I look down upon midwestern cities outside of Chicago, Cleveland is a metropolitan place! There are rich, healthy people and poor, unhealthy people (poor, healthy and rich, unhealthy) and there are practical examples here about how to make sense of the health of these diverse sets of populations. Very relevant.


Bars and IQ group shout outs.

In an effort to be social, I have been to more bars in the past week than I have gone to in the last year. Anyone who knows me, understands this, but I had a lot of fun bonding with my IQ group. Some of them want me to talk about them in my blogs. So…here is a shout out to SATCHER IQ GROUP #1 because you are all #1. By the way, an IQ group is an “inquiry” group where we do a lot of problem based learning every week. In sum, I spend a lot of time with these people. Only some of the awesome people are pictured.


FRIDAY: The Velvet Dog.

is a “nightclub” in downtown Cleveland. Case coordinated this outing for us. Just imagine a lot of people on a deck with a slightly below mediocre DJ, and lots of fabulous goofy dancing. I like that my classmates like to dance. My feet were dying by the end of the night, but I had a great time. This was a great way to dance with some fellow med students and just get to meet some new people. Names were beginning to stick! 🙂


SATURDAY: Minority Dinner

In short, I went to eat some food and small talk with some minority physicians, faculty and medical students at the Ritz Carlton downtown. The food was decent. The salad and creme brûlée dessert where my favorite parts. My little sister still makes a better creme brûlée, in my opinion. Chicken was honestly basic. Oh, saw a US senator too—Sherrod Brown. By the way, he is NOT BLACK. I was surprised by this!


SUNDAY MORNING: CMDA, Gateway Heights Church and Tommy’s.

Okay, this is when I come back to foundations. CMDA or the Christian Medical and Dental Association has church meet ups for the next few weeks for Christian medical students or medical students curious about Christianity. This week, we visited Gateway Heights Church. It was very young in feeling and less hipster-ish than I thought it would be given that it located right next to a hookah bar. It was predominately white but had some other minorities there, and I liked the sermon very much!

It was about Joseph (you know with the technicolor dream coat) and pretty much about how he did not base his complete happiness on his circumstances. Recap: he was the favorite son, bragged about how he could interpret dreams, was sold into slavery by his big brothers to Egypt, did well there until the wife of the guy he was working for said that he raped her (because he refused her advances), he was thrown in jail for 12 years, released after interpreting pharaoh’s dream and became a really big honcho who saved Egypt from starvation during 7 years of famine.

Joseph was really chill in the story because he did not give into his own dispair. He clung to something bigger outside himself, and whether or not you are a Christian, I believe that in doing so, he was able to find peace in trial. Maybe we if we can find something to cling to outside of ourselves, we too can find a foundation of peace. This was really good for me to think about before I get caught up in so many temporary and superficial things.

The preacher’s sermon was also very Hegelian to me because it reminded me of one of his ideas that history unfolds in a certain direction towards a specific end. Joseph didn’t think his life was just about him. His existence was in the context of a bigger story, and that really struck me! Teleology!

Ok, I’m going to stop pretending to be a philosopher. A bad one at that.

I met some lovely people on Sunday and we ate at a delicious restaurant on Coventry called, “Tommy’s” I think.


SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Taste of Tremont.

This is funny because I never have gone to the Taste of Chicago. I definitely saw the most people ever at once in Cleveland there. The food was okay, the company was much better and seeing this beautiful building was the best!! SING WITH ME, “ARABIAN NIGHTSSSSSS! ARABIAN DAYSSSSSSS”


SUNDAY NIGHT: Getting together with women of color.

Last but certainly not least, I got the wonderful opportunity to share dinner with the some women of color in my class. There are very few of us here to be honest, but I have a feeling this will be a special community. We watched some of Sex and the City: The Movie and The Dark Knight and Madea’s Big Happy Family. To my dismay, some of the girls think George Clooney was a better Batman than Christian Bale!! :OOOOO

All jokes aside, I was particularly impressed with our willingness to be open with one another. I am looking forward to more time together in the future.

This was a long one, but Week 2 was LOADED!!!

Talk to you next week,




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