24 Things You Should Watch This Holiday Season: 2016 Edition

It’s that time of year again! Binge TV watching time! Here are the 24 things you’d want to watch this holiday season!


1. Not Love Actually. What overrated garbage

2. Ben-Hur. This movie is beyond epic. The first movie to win 11 Academy Awards. This is only equaled by Titanic and the Return of the King. Get ready for a Hollywood golden age sword and sandal spectacle.


3. Back to the Future is always perfect. Especially on New Years. There is something about the clocks and going back in time that just works with this time of the year.

4. All the old Star Wars movies (episode IV -VI). Why? You have the time to marathon them. And you will want to after watching Rogue Onean amazing new Star Wars film that deserves to be seen!

5. ROCKY! Especially the first one, II, IV and Rocky Balboa, and Creed. All of them take place on major holidays.


7. Lethal Weapon and Die Hard. Both exceptional action holiday movies. There is more “heart” to them then you may think.


8. Marathon Indiana Jones (skip the new, wacko one).

9. Pride and Prejudice BBC. There is never a bad time to watch this. Colin Firth is a gift to everyone.

10. GO ahead with Anne of Green Gables too. A heartwarming story through and through.


11. Jane Eyre 2006 (BBC). Best adaption in my opinion. 

12. The Godfather parts I and II. You know what’s better than a good movie? Two very good long movies.

13. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Extended editions. Forget the Hobbit. 

14. The Crown. A beautiful new, Netflix show based on Queen Elizabeth II’s life. Binge watch it all with your family

15. Superman the Movie with Christopher Reeve. Joyous and uncomplicated to compliment your (hopefully) joyful but probably complicated holiday season.

16. When Harry Met Sally (especially on New Years)

17 Bridget Jones’s Diary (especially if single).


18. Moonstruck. Cher is fabulous. La Boheme is fabulous. Nicholas Cage is not repulsive.


19. The Preacher’s Wife. DENZEL.


20. Best Man Holiday. MORRIS. Best scene: Can you stand the rain?

21. The Scarlet Pimpernel. Before Batman. Before Zorro. There was the Scarlet Pimpernel. See the story that inspired it all! Also see Ian McKellan young and before his Gandalf days!


22. Love & FriendshipI discovered this film recently and it’s quite witty and fun. Breathes life into Jane Austen in a way that is relatable and hilarious.


23. SHERLOCK! Rewatch the seasons, the Abominable Bride and get ready for Season 4.

24.  Elf OF COURSE!!


You are very welcome.


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