Dealing with Scrubs When You’re In Scrubs: Relationships and Professionalism in the Hospital

Welcome, Readers–new and old to the Case Chronicles, a blog that chronicles my time in medical school.

I’m back in the ring as an M2, and I’ll have a much more orthodox blog post coming soon, but for now, I need to ask an important question:


I was 14 years old when I started to get noticed by Scrubs on the street. In college at a bus stop, I explained to a man for about 15 minutes why I was not interested and would not give him my number, email, Facebook. Even this past summer when walking to lab in the morning a man in a pick up truck going the opposite way in traffic, made a U-turn to talk to me and ask me for my number and say how beautiful I was.

Does this approach actually work for anyone? You may have already heard a lot about this kind of thing, but yes, it is not very flattering at all. Maybe some woman somewhere appreciates this kind of attention, but I am not one of those women–especially if your pick up truck has all kinds of heavy machinery in the back/pointy objects.

Yesterday when I near the gym’s parking garage, another man rolled down their window and asked me if I worked at the gym.

“No, I don’t.”

“Well I don’t recognize you from around here, girl.”

“Okay.” *shrugs* What is this? 

I know many men think they have a right to share all their feelings about how a woman looks when they want to outside, but I thought for whatever reason, that when inside the hospital in a *professional* setting, my white coat would be some kind of invisibility cloak/ *insert immunology joke here*

This morning, I was in Seidman Cancer center picking up blood for my afternoon experiments. I saw a bunch of guys accompanying one of their buddies with sickle cell into an outpatient clinic. A female nurse was with them. Since it was a large group, I decided to hold the door open for all of them instead of marching past.

I smiled and tried to be friendly because I thought they were doing a very nice thing for their friend.

Less than 2 minutes after I did this, when I thought they were gone into a clinical room, one of the guys came out to find me while I was talking to a nurse. He interrupts the convo before I say good bye to the nurse,

“Hey what’s your name?”

“I’m Tolu.”

“How old are you?”


“Me too. That’s cool.”


“Can I walk with you a little bit?”

I think I know where this is going, but I try to give him the benefit of the doubt and not be mean. Besides, I’m about to walk to the elevator and go to the outpatient lab to pick up blood.

“Sure. I’m heading to the elevator now.”

“Can I have your number?”

“I’m sorry. I’m in a relationship.” [*cough* with Jesus. Oh, Lord I’m lying]

“Dang, really?”


“I’ll go check on my friend.”[YEAH WASN’T THAT WHY YOU ARE HERE?]

“Okay. You take care, now.”

I felt really bad that I lied, but what I have noticed is that Scrubs may have more respect for an invisible man they have never met than the woman standing in front of them saying, “no”. I’m calling on all people who have had to deal with this sort of thing in their line of work. What is the best way to deal with scrubs while you are in scrubs?

Having to say that this, “I’m in a relationship” line was VERY EFFECTIVE, but problematic.

Do I need to find a fake ring somewhere?



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