Meryl Streep: We Are Not All Africans When It Counts

Meryl Streep just said that, “We’re all Africans” in response to questions of the lack of diversity at a Berlin film festival.

Oh Meryl. She is a fantastic actress, but she is in some kind of denial.

The funny thing is that one of her movies which actually isn’t so good (SEE ROTTEN TOMATOES) but still got 7 Academy Awards with Robert Redford is called, Out of Africa (1986) I’ve seen it and trust me, not amazing.

It was directed by Sydney Pollack, and it’s very clear in that film that we aren’t actually all Africans—especially since she plays a Danish woman in the “East African Protectorate” aka modern Kenya colonized by British. And, yes no African person had a proper role in that movie as well. African people were actually set pieces and largely ignored.

Out of Africa has a 53% on RT but was recognized for existing. In fact, it was Best Picture.

Straight Outta Compton was 88% (screenplay)
Beasts of No Nation was 91%

Creed was 94% (1 nomination for Stallone)
and people of color were not nominated for anything.

Critically acclaimed works from people of color are not being recognized as they should. That is why people are mad. Having a panel of jurors that is ethnically diverse helps bring a fuller perspective on things. We are NOT all Africans when it counts.

FYI The Color Purple, which was nominated for 11 awards in 1986, and currently is an 88% on RT, did not receive anything. Everyone knows about the Color Purple…who knows about Out of Africa?


Her statement was more than a cop-out answer to an important and relevant question. It minimizes the frustration of others. It is lazy, stupid, insensitive and thoughtless. It silences progress instead of daring us to move forward.

And, then she goes on to remark about how there are over half women on the board…I cannot. Do you know that many women are not white?


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