I had to come to Cleveland to…

I HAD to come to Cleveland to:

  1. Learn that it was possible to live more than 100 miles away from my parents.
  2. Figure out the parallel parking thing.
  3. See that Case Western is a fabulous school for ME.
  4. Realize that great mentors didn’t have to look like me. They just needed to actually care about me. 
  5. Acknowledge that the CTA is not all that bad. The RTA is much,much worse.
  6. Understand that Chicago winters prepare you for anything.
  7. Experience that learning can be a healthy experience.
  8. Listen to the Cleveland Orchestra.
  9. Realize that I have the power to make an actual difference.
  10. See that my opinion actually matters to people, but to accept when it doesn’t.
  11. Understand that there are many different kinds of friendships–and it is okay to keep your walls up.
  12. Understand that it’s also okay to bring the walls down for the special and the few.
  13. Learn when to chase after a person or opportunity.
  14. Learn when to walk away.
  15. Get in shape–again.
  16. Get ready for the next step.

After finishing my second year of medical school, the next few months are filled with certainties and uncertainties. Certainties: I’ll be doing some kind of research, moderating my FINAL Tuesday Morning Seminar, I will be taking Step 1. God is good.

Uncertainties: I’ll be going home, going to Italy, preparing for a new adventure in a new city.

Whatever happens, I am glad I am where I am–in Cleveland. It is where I’m meant to be. Coming here has been incredible for my personal growth in more ways than one.



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