The Czarina is Back.

It’s official. Not being in school is actually amazing. As a person who had been socialized through education since the age of 4, 20 years later, I am experiencing what working life is kind of like. It is quite fabulous.

I don’t know why it took me almost a month to realize this. Maybe the stress of moving, Step 1 PTSD, finding comfort in being in between two phases in life (ie a new phase of life), and the tension between belonging somewhere yet not quite belonging there…can confuse a person when so much freedom is before them. But, I am beginning to see the light.


When you go home, you can CHOOSE to keep working OR you can stop. There isn’t a test the next day or the expectation that you have to teach/present information (IQ!) or present a patient or…. medical school things (this does not include lab meeting).

I do not have to feel guilty about not studying. But, I should probably feel guilty about it and more time thinking like a grad student and reading papers. There is still the expectation for me to learn things, but the pressures are different.

Ironically, I have been cooking less in Boston than when I was a crazy busy medical student in Cleveland. Sorry to all who are missing my cooking snap stories. They will return when I get myself together! Boston food is just so good, and I’m losing so much money!!

So what fun things do I get to do now that the dog days are over for now…

  1. Eating lots of red meat

    Fogo De Chao and Lab Folks! Can one look too excited for dinner?
  2. Then try to compensate with a falafel sandwich

    Fried Chickpea Sandwich from Clover Food Truck
  3. Give your first presentation at a Daley subgroup meeting

    This happened on Monday!
  4. Go to the beach and stand in the ocean of course. Also a sandcastle competition???
    Paul Revere Beach in Revere, Massachusetts. They really like him here.


    I really wish I was there to see it constructed. We are still unsure if this is a happy sculpture or a sad one.
  5. Then get rained and hailed on. But the ocean looked so beautiful!
  6. Have unplanned fun. Normally I would take shelter in a thunderstorm, but instead we kept on playing in the inclement weather. We, meaning my neighbors and myself! Much more fun than the laundry I originally planned to do…

    After the storm with some wonderful people!
  7. Eat Soul food

    Soul Fire Restaurant. Half-rack of ribs!!
  8. Go to Grand Rounds at Boston Children’s! I actually love going to these every Wednesday! Someone went over cardiac physiology and MOA of digoxin as a review for audience. There was mild sx of step 1 PTSD, but I managed and missed medicine a little bit. I’m excited to go back but also excited to pause. Lecture was on pediatric poisoning and cardiac toxicity. Two PSA announcements: 1. Do not give babies your medicine bottles as a rattle toy or put your pills in the candy jar… 2. Marijuana (and not just the spiked ones with random stimulants) has been linked to heart attacks! Mechanisms still unclear. 
  9. Check out new churches…that obviously care about social justice? I need to sit down for a moment…! In the morning, I went to Reality Boston which was nice, very hipster, man-buns included, and reminded me so much of Gateway Heights Church in Cleveland. Worship was on point! But is it too cool for me?  In the afternoon (yes 2 churches in one day. #ExtraJesus), I went to Heart Change Fellowship in Jamaica Plain. The service was unorthodox in a cool way.  We “asset mapped” and asked JP residents what they liked/didn’t like about where they lived. The aim of this exercise was for the church folk to learn more about the needs of the community they are a part of. The church used to be the heart beat of the community, but in modern times this has really changed. I think, perhaps, that we have lost sight of what a church is actually there for. They are not meant to exist in isolation. So this is cool!
  10. REGISTER FOR THE ASH (American Society of Hematology) MEETING. Which is better than Disneyland (preferably if you like hematology). I am so excited for this. San Diego in January! And, my program is paying for it! I’ve never been to southern California.

    Flashback to last year’s meeting in Orlando!
  11. Write a letter of recommendation! That’s right! For my Cleveland mentor! Mentors, be nice to your mentees so they can love you, and then write a recommendation for you when you need it. It’s interesting to be writing such a letter for someone in a higher position, but I think I did a good job–particularly because I think she’s a wonderful person.
  12. See a movie on at Tuesday night: Star Trek Beyond (Solid B+)
  13. Go to karaoke on a Wednesday night.

    She’s singing the Dog Days Are Over  at Highland Kitchen. It was my first time in Sommerville.
  14. Reclaim the role of movie Czarina. Back in College for a quarter my first year, I served as movie Czarina for my house (Chautaqua House now called Cathey). I planned weekly movie viewings and was a benevolent ruler. I look forward to reclaiming this position. Yes, I am crowning myself. Retro-Post Below!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.51.18 PM

There is a blessing in being able to rest, so when you have the opportunity to do it, take it!

And, if you don’t, make it happen. You will thank yourself later.


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