5 Things I See Amazing People Do

I am learning how to be a scientist. Observation is one of the first skills you must develop in this area,  I have found. As a student of stem cell biology as well as life, I have not only observed my cells differentiating and proliferating, but also the behaviors of different people. Intelligence and conveying one’s intelligence is of great value where I am and perhaps where you are. But, what is even more striking to me is when I see someone balance emotional intelligence with their profound wealth of knowledge.


These are 5 things I consistently see really amazing people do. These people are also emotionally intelligent, and I thought I’d share. A lot of this is “common sense.” But, as my mother says, “common sense is not common.”

A normal science/medicine post is coming soon, but for now, here we go….: 5 Things I See Amazing People Do

  1. They do not expect everyone to think the same way they do. These people appreciate open-mindedness. They often question: is my “normal” right? Or is it just normal to me? Does it matter? Way less conflict happens when we get out of our own perspectives.
  2. They do what they say they will do. Flakiness is the worst, worst, worst. And, you want to be the person others can depend on. It’s better to under-promise and over deliver than never following through.
  3. They take time to explain things to people in a way that empowers them—not belittles them. They come off as smart, kind and confident. That’s because they are.
  4. They are aware of nonverbal cues. This means they have to not only listen to people, but look at them and consider how they are feeling in the moment. Emotionally intelligent people really get this. And, it’s been said that 90% of what we communicate doesn’t come out of our mouths.
  5. They communicate directly but diplomatically. Do not skirt around an important issue just because you are afraid of what may happen. Sometimes we have to be the first to extend the olive branch or confront a problem. This choice does not only make you mature, it makes you amazing!

I hope I am not being too much of an obvious Oliver, but clearly there is a shortage of these kind of folks around, and often the people I admire the most have these qualities. These observations combined with our default intelligence or intuition really does take our personal interactions to the next level. And, my goal moving forward is to consistently grow in these areas (especially number 5!!!!)!

Getting it together one day at a time.


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